Our program

Good governance and democracy

Enforcing the rights of minorities
We want a true, participative democracy which respects the fundamental rights of each individual.  However, language barriers stand in the way of everything in Zaventem: the right to housing, assistance of the Public Welfare Centre, the right to rent a community hall. STOP! We will make sure that these rights are for EVERYONE.

A quadrilingual service at the Town Hall
We want to open a quadrilingual counter at the Town Hall for all those who still only know a smattering of Dutch, just like the Flemish Brabant province has done for expats: every new resident deserves appropriate access to municipal service even if he does not speak Dutch yet.

Make municipal management more transparent and more democratic
We are doing our best to fight against little local arrangements, forgotten subjects at the Community Council or arbitrary expenses. We would also like local petitions to be considered and discussed during Community councils.

Living and working together made easier
We want friendliness between neighbours, with neighbourhood parties and joint citizen initiatives. We will multiply events to all meet and work together for a good cause. Furthermore, we will ask the Cultuur raad to officially recognise us.

Daily life improvements

Improved security for all
We want to invest more in security for all and fight against burglaries (with more night patrols, increasing autonomous photovoltaic lighting, night stewards, more lighting for pedestrian crossings, …).

Curb the growing urbanization
We want to maintain high-quality housing in our town, not too populous and without endangering local mobility. More than 20 large housing projects were developed in the last few years. This is too much. We want to curb this tendency and keep a high-quality living environment.

Encourage energy transition and a 21st century type of governance
All talk and no action. If we want to live in a healthy environment, we need to act now. Energy transition will allow us to live in the 21st century by showing us alternatives that work without polluting the earth and without irreversibly changing its climate.

Do more against noise pollution emanating from the airport, trains and the ring
The commune needs to enhance the comfort and security of its residents. To do so, we will reinvest income generated by the airport in noise reduction solutions such as: anti-noise walls in densely populated areas, finance insulation, …

Offer operational public roads for all neighbourhoods
Before doing any other public investment, we demand real sidewalks and operational public roads for all neighbourhoods of the entity.

Support mobility by expanding the Metro-Tram-Bus zone to the outskirts
We voted UNANIMOUSLY at the Community council in favour of a motion to improve mobility to and from Brussels. This must become a top priority. We want it to reach the regional level in Flanders and Brussels.

Create ties with neighbouring communes
We want to strengthen dialogue with neighbouring communes of Brussels (Kraainem, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, …) and Flanders on major issues such as mobility or airport-related nuisance to synchronize and reinforce our impact on decision-making bodies.

Equal assistance for all

Ensure the neutrality of the Public Welfare Centre (CPAS)
We ask the Public Welfare Centre not to exclude any residents on the grounds that they do not speak Dutch.

Improve social housing supply
We will push social housing companies to improve the quality and quantity of their social housing stock.

Support the non-digitized elderly
We are in favour of creating a mobile hub for people who do not have access to the internet, who suffer from a disability or a loss of autonomy and ask that a social taxi service becomes available to them.

Allow multilingual crèches
We want to establish private multilingual crèches where at least one person speaks Dutch fluently in order to warmly welcome all of our children. Learning other languages will be encouraged and language discrimination excluded.

Make cultural and sports infrastructures available to EVERY SINGLE resident
We do not want a censorship committee, the Cultuur raad, which enacts its laws and prevents people from entering communal infrastructures based merely on language. We stand for free access for all.

Condemning unfair decrees, laws and behaviours

Fight against the return of the “wonen in eigen streek” decree
We disapprove of the principle that allows a Flemish person who can prove strong ties with the commune of Zaventem to have a greater right than anyone else to buy a plot of land from a communal housing estate. Everyone has the right to settle in our commune.

Fight against racism, xenophobia and support to collaboration
We do not want a narrow-minded commune that turns down diversity and celebrates collaborators. We want to work for an open, loyal commune which respects everyone’s rights. A true people’s commune.